Saturday. That’s today. And today, as I often do for Saturdays, I decided to walk down to one of my favorite coffee shops. “The Penny Coffee House.”
   Well, on the walk over I was once again struck. How nervous everyone is. From people just looking off into the distance, as we wait for the neon walk man to direct us across the street. To those passing by, scurrying off without so much as glance. Nervous nuts!
   Till all of a sudden, the irony strikes! Its me! I’m the nervous one!
   So what if, it is up to me to break this curse of the nerves? I decide to stick out my neck, and nod as a passing gentleman. And low and behold, he responds! So we exchange greetings.
   Wow! What if I were to stop pointing fingers. What if I would take responsibility, and make the change. What. If. You. Would? We could change the world! 
    So, peace and love, as you journey.

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