Love: the greatest force in the Universe

I believe love to be the greatest force in the universe.

First, a bit of a definition.

#1. The love I’m talking about in this discussion is not merely a disposition of the mind and heart. But, I believe, genuine love will find a way to shine into the world.

#2. The meaning that I’m going to be using in this post is, in a word, selflessness. Giving. In contrast to “selfishness,” obviously.

So. Lets begin. “Love as a force.”

Disclaimer: “It would be nice and simple if i could say, I believe the world is packed with only two types of people. The selfish people, and selfless people. Those who share, and those who don’t. Those who love, and those who don’t. But the truth is, we all share a bit of each. We all have times of plundering from others, and times of altruism. Nevertheless, for the sake of simplicity, I will do it anyway. Write as if there are but two types of humanity.”

Okay, I believe love is the greatest force in the world because if frees you from the need to prove yourself. For example, if “love is living selflessly”, or in other words, “living for others”, when you become a “lover”, you are no longer living for self. Instead you’re more concerned about being there for those around you.

In contrast, the selfish individual is in a constant need to “prove or save himself.” To be seen as better. Now, when someone comes along who no longer worries about proving herself, or saving face, a feeling of exposure arises. In the selfish person. Because now, He sees himself, and his constant scurrying about for self preservation, in contrast to the “less concerned person”. So he has two options. He can attempt to scapegoat the secure individual in some way, blame, or, he can die to his “need”. Admit defeat, and ask for help.

What will we choose? Selfishness, or Love.

As always, love and peace. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Comments are appreciated

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