Love or Power?

Recently I had a friend ask me something to the affect of, “How does the idea that God is packed full of love to us, comfort you? Rather then, say, that God is super powerful?”

Three observations then:

#1. I believe one of the leading desires of us humans is the need to feel understood. To be cared about. To be wanted. Unconditionally. Now. In my opinion, as none of us regular human beings are flawless, I don’t believe we have the capacity for that. Only a flawless being could do that, no? Or maybe, when we admit defeat and the intensity of our flaws we are finally free to love. hmmmm

#2. “You can do all sorts of things, but unless it is by love, its just a bunch of noise” -the Apostle Paul. I believe Paul may be saying that as long as we as living selfishly, no matter how hard we try, we’ll end up hurting others, and ourselves. An example of someone who had great power, but a rather limited amount of love would be Hitler. Personally, given the choice between hanging out and working with either Adolf Hitler or say Mother Teresa, I would have to choose Mother Teresa.

And #3. I believe the greatest examples of love are shown by how far down someone stoops for another. Thus the greater someone is, the more breathtaking it is to see them bend low, in service of another. So my last example.

I believe the Divine stooped down to our level. I believe God became a man, to show us the greatest way to live. Now I understand this probably sounds pretty far fetched to some of you, but hear me out. I believe God became a man and showed us how to live a life of love. Living for others. The outcasts, the unloved. And then we killed Him. That is, He let us kill Him. To show us the power of love. To show us how ridiculous the status quo can be.

And then, I believe He rose from the dead. And kept loving us. Violence has no power over love, it can’t squish it.

Thanks for reading, I would love to see comments. Nods or even arguments against. Love and Peace, have a great day.

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