New Scheme

Hello Friends,

So, I’ve been really slacking on my plan to blog. But, I have come up with a new idea. I’ve decided to make an attempt at “creating” a self home school course for myself. In this course my plan is to read specified books and as i go write reviews/essays per chapter and than also for the whole book as per completion. So, exciting right?! I will start with a tryout period in which i will just complete the books on my reading pile at this time. This books are.

I will be finishing the book, “The Prophet,” by Kahlil Gibran which was given to me by the fantastic people at “The Mat,” of the Boys and Girls Club in Lethbridge, Alberta. I’m loving the book so far.

Secondly, I will be finishing a book called, “The Bravehearted Gospel” by Eric Ludy. This book was given to me by a friend I grew up with. This book has also been fascinating to me.

Thirdly, oh my gosh, I didn’t realize i had started so many books. lol. Anyway, third, I will be finishing the book “Johnny Cash and Philosophy: The Burning Ring of Truth.”

And then lastly, I will be covering the book, “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” by Kevin Dutton

So, I hope this will be awesome. Hope you enjoy. All the best


This links connect to more information about the above mentioned books

The Prophet:

Johnny Cash and Philosophy:

The Bravehearted Gospel:

The Wisdom of Psychopaths:

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