Review #1 of HomeSchool: Tryout Year. “The Prophet -Kahlil Gibran” Review Attempt

Alright I finished reading “The Prophet.” Thus I will now attempt to write a review of said book. I have not done this before so it may turn out rather rubbish. So I would appreciate feedback. Thanks so much.

The Prophet is a collection of poetic essays full of wisdom regarding various aspects of life such as joy, love, friendship, justice and on and on. Kahlil had an amazing gift of writing in such a way that peace sort of flows from the pages. He was also an artist and so twelve of his drawings are scattered throughout the book.

The setting of the book is in a city called Orphalese. A ship is arriving. The ship is coming to fetch the prophet after having been in the city for the last twelve years. As he is preparing to leave, Almustafa, the name of the prophet, addresses an eruption of questions from the dwellers of the city before traveling on. He answers the questions in the form of the poetic essays. One of the major aspect that he points to that connected with me is the idea that “the sacred” is found in the everyday etchings of life. The dirt trails, friendships, wildlife and so on.

One statement in particular that is made in “The Prophet” that really resonated with me is,

“Be in your pleasure like the flowers and the bees.”

   This excited me because i feel like this is something that is often missing or at least forgotten in everyday life. Namely the idea that whatever we do, we should be doing together in some way. And more specifically we should be working together in such a way that you get what you’re looking for and I get what I’m looking by one giving with joy and the other receiving with joy. While both continue to follow their pathway.  Rather then one, the most powerful one, taking advantage of the other and forcing their hand. Till that second somehow grows stronger and then twists the arm of the bee into submission and over and over. If we could learn to work together rather then continuously looking for ways to manipulate and take advantage of the other, we could possibly move ahead is what I’m attempting to say.

   Another idea that spoke to me is what he says right at the end just before entering the ship.

            “People of Orphalese, the wind bids me leave you. Less hasty am I than the wind, yet I must go.”

   I guess this speaks to me because I also recently made a move. And though I made the choice to do it, some of the time if felt like it was happening too fast. But this is part of life. We choose to move forward. And sometimes things go faster than we wish. And sometimes slower. So don’t worry about it. Go with it. Never give up. Keep making choices of forward movement.

                Thanks for reading

I hope you enjoyed

Feel free to comment feedback

Love and Peace always


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