Year: #tryout. Book #3: Johnny Cash and Philosophy. Chapter 8: A Line Worth Walking

Each chapter in this book was written by a different philosopher. This chapter was written by “James F. Sennett.” The basic quest of this chapter is an exploration of love. The question asked is, “Is love a passive reaction to certain attributes in the people around us? Or, Is love an active decision to seen the best in others?

The answer of course is, “both.” This idea of both is explored in the example that June Carter Cash left for us. This love, that James calls “June love,” oozed from her to, especially, her husband John and daughter Rosanne. But also to everyone she came in contact with.

More specifically, in this chapter we read of Rosanne talking about her (step)mother’s amazing love. Of her love that sought to always see the best in those around her. And of how this love would, when good attributes seemed obscured, imagine the potential that the individual could be capable of. And loved according to that. June Love.

I think we can all benefit from this idea of love. It’s easy to just rush through life and notice only those who help us fulfill our dreams, but what if true fulfillment comes from helping others fulfill their dreams? Seeing their potential and calling that out. What if we could truly learn to see the best in others. Like June.

Thanks so much

Love and Peace


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