Year: #tryout. Book #3: Johnny Cash and Philosophy. Chapter 10: ‘Til Things Get Better

Chapter 10 was written by “Jacob M. Held.” This chapter is about redemption. Hope and Redemption.

Can we save ourselves? Or are you doomed to walk in endless darkness, unless someone gives us a hand up?

Jacob begins the chapter by quoting Augustine as he wonders why we love to celebrate those who have fallen the lowest and made it back up, over those people who have always seemed to have everything together. It seems it is because it is an encouragement. Proof that no matter how far we fall, that we are also redeemable.

Next he writes about humility in a dark world through the christian scriptures Matthew reminds us that we have no right to judge others. Because we are ourselves sinners, and secondly because we can never fully see the hearts of those around us. Thus we need to treat them with humility. As we are all weak and bound to hurt others.

After this he introduces us to some of Nietzche’s ideas. Namely that we have to refuse to believe that we are “fallen” or something of the sort. Instead, Nietzche claims that we must merely self-revaluate, and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. This seems unlikely.

So in conclusion, We are all susceptible to hurting each other. So we must walk in humility. We can’t fully see each other, so we must walk by grace. I don’t think it’s probable that we can pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, instead we must walk together. Stand together, and grow together.

All the best

Love and Peace always


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