Year: #tryout. Book #INTERRUPTION: “How God became King” by “N. T. Wright”

I’m interrupting my regular schedule with a surprise reading. The surprise reading, as you already know, is “How God became King” by N. T. Wright. Subtitled “The Forgotten Story of the Gospels.” I’ve chosen to read this book because a couple of my friends invited me to join them in reading and discussing it. This idea is one of my favorites. So I, of course, was delighted by the invitation. And then, I decided to add it to my set of essayish review posts. I say essayish reviews because I don’t really know what I should call them. So lets go with that. So here goes.

My first post of my interruption book post. On, The Preface.

In the preface Mr. Wright, quite obviously, goes through the different messages he will be attempting to explore in the book. What he will be exploring, as well as what he will not be exploring. And he does this really well. By really well I mean that he doesn’t throw around how ideas of how terrible those ideas are which he will not be discussing, but rather just states that in this specific project he is just more interested  in other aspects.

He explains that he will be referring specifically to the four gospels included in our the scriptures. And not the noncanon gospels such as the so-called gospel of Thomas. He further explains that he will discussing those four gospels specifically rather than Jesus or anything of the sort. (In his past book, Simply Jesus, He did explore “Jesus” specifically.)

Another point that he makes that really interests me is that even if it could be proven, without a doubt,that Jesus never existed, it would still be valuable for us to study the scriptures to explore what it is that the writers thought they were attempting to explain to us. This is of huge interest to me. Largely because it opens the gospels more fully to everyone. Including, or maybe especially to those with huge doubts. So everyone, please keep exploring. Never stop loving and looking.

Thanks for reading

Always love and Peace

take care


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