the Game

​In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Slowly matter formed. The stars and planets. On earth the land and the waters. The air and the dirt. The plants sprung up. Animals too. Eventually humanity emerged.
And the superego spoke inside the human. “Did God really tell you to not eat of all the trees in the your garden?” 

Humanity reasoned back, “We can eat of ALL of the trees. ALL but one.”
Quickly desire took hold. I cannot, therefore I MUST have it! And need arose. And we, humanity, bit deep into our salvation. But it was not. In fact, the hunger only increased. Surely with enough of this. Enough sex, food or religion! Surely this hole will be filled. 
But its not working…
Thousands of years pass…
Till one night. On a specific night. A child is born. And the child grows. Nurtured by its mother. And the child that grew into a man spoke to the masses that surrounded it. In a gentle voice the man spoke of love. Of caring for the weak. Of standing up against institutions that take advantage. He spoke about taking the humble place. Like this is greatness.
“Live like the grounding of the universe is generous, to the slightest degree, and you can take on the biggest establishments. If you don’t give in, nothing can stop you.”
Till the establishments of his day grew tired of this. So they grabbed him. Spit on him. And threw him around. And he resisted not. As if to say, “Violence gets us nowhere.” And as he died he forgave his oppressors. Begging them to see. To be freed.
And god died. This is God giving god the finger. The most powerful becoming the powerless. The ultimate ‘eff you’ to the establishment.
“My god my god. Why have you forsaken me?”

His refusal to fill the gap he felt. Is a lesson to us. Embrace your gap. Allow it to propel you forward. To love.
God is found in the least of humanity. God is found among those who will sacrifice anything for love.
When the weak, the oppressed, the cursed show up. Will there be anybody who will treat them generously? Will anybody live as if they believe there is a generous source behind everything? Will I find faith?

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