Of two ‘Dogs’

Once upon a time in a land far, far away. There lived two dogs, at least they looked that way. The first did strive, to make himself appear great. Full of power, power beyond debate. Great strength, strength beyond all length. Steroids. Now the other, the second was quite the opposite. Thus he worked long and hard to create the perfect spell. A spell that would hide his greatest. So you could be seen, as an equal, rather then as some distant god. So the two strove the land, the “great” and the “small.”

Till one day. One day the dog of seemingly greater stature, grew tired. And lost all control. For though he looked so much greater, the other, still received the majority of the praise. The honor. The worship. And also, unlike the people of the earth, the image of the bigger dog versus the smaller stature of the other, started to get to his head. And he schemed, I could kill him! I could! I will! And at once he took off in search. Destruction was coming. At least. Victory would be his!

When the dogs finally did meet, he flung himself with a roar, at his adversary. And to his surprise, the other showed no fight. No interest. Thus the battle lasted not long. But…

At the final moment, the moment of the death. Something like an explosion, happened. For the absolute evil and the absolute good, can never mix. And a great explosion occurred. The explosion took out the jaw of the first dog, the jealous dog. Horrified he screamed at the moon! But his jaw, still lay limp. On the ground, at his feet. And the second dog lay dead.

Or… Wait a minute. Slowly a mist began to lift off the dead body. And shot straight up. Far far into the air. Then exploded! Like a flock of fireworks this ghostly form settled across the whole world. And the jawless dog crouched low on the ground. In terror. Till he realized that the ghost still had no intention of doing him any harm. Then he stood up, and slunk away.

To this very day. They are still about. The ghostly being is swirling about the world, whispering in our ears. Guiding us forward. Comforting us. Filling us with love. And the other is running about frantically. Growling and barking at everyone who will show any sign of terror. Feeding off our fear. But if you listen closely, you will hear him whimper. When he believes nobody is listening.

So. The choice is yours. Your can move forward, listening to the whispering, the guidance by love, faith and hope. Or, you can listen to the barking dog. The toothless barking dog, and allow him to fill you with fear and terror. And thus far under his power.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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