Jesus is coming? (yeah but not like you think)

Jesus is coming soon!”

“Are you ready for eternity?”

“If you were to die tonight, would you be ready to meet the lord?”

     These were the questions that I most remember hearing growing up. And while I’m sure these words were spoken with good intention, they left me in a mental state of alienation. For though I desperately wanted to be embraced by the social norms, I just couldn’t seem to fit it all together. To figure myself out.

So. I have some news for you!

Jesus is coming soon!” 😉

Every time a cattleboat full of refugees is coming your way. Jesus is coming. And he is asking, “Will you please help me?”

When you see that gay man that you’ve been gossiping about coming down the street. Jesus is coming. And he is asking, “Won’t you stand with me?”

When that old homeless lady is asking for “just a couple bucks.” It’s Jesus. And He is asking, “Can’t you see me?”

   When Christianity becomes yet another way to save yourself. It has a great tendency to become the most narcissistic choice out there. When your every move is only a chance to “add more jewels to your crown,” it becomes close to the greatest mockery of the cross of Christ.

For he gave up everything to show us the way forward.

Not necessarily higher, but forward.

by loving

Giving yourself.

Yes, Jesus is coming, but maybe not like you think.

So cheers, and lets keep our eyes open for the coming of the other.

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