The narrow road

How does one travel the road?

How do you give up your life, but keep living?

How does one riot against evil, without creating evil?

How do I take myself seriously, without making myself into a god?

How does one live content, without becoming lazy?

How do you party, without becoming a drunk?

How does one ponder poverty, without starving oneself?

How do I love, without dying?

How does one enjoy the moment, without planning for the future?

How do I pave the way for a bright future, while also enjoying each moment?

How does one live contemplatively, without becoming a bore?

How do you FIGHT for PEACE?

How does one save money, on a clearance sale?

How do I enjoy something, without destroying it?

How does one connect with others, without losing oneself?

How do you connect with yourself, without losing others?

How does one learn, without alienating old connections?

I guess that’s why they call life a journey.

I guess it’s why I’m going on a physical journey. Or so is the plan. 

   Love and peace

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