Hello again.

It’s been a minute. 

Well since my last post I was help up my a big snowstorm.  So I got to spend a little more time with my cousins and uncle and aunt. That was nice. Thoughtful conversation is generally a good time.  🙂

So anyway, following the storm I hit the road again. This time I drive the rest of the way to lethbridge, from Grandview. Not too interested in sleeping in the car in -25. Lol

So here I am Lethbridge. The plan is to stick around here for the next week or so. So if you’re in the area and I don’t msg you, shoot me a msg on the old fbook. Or on here.

Now two thoughts to conclude. Two challenges. #1. Be like the rose. Don’t worry about what you “should do.” Rather just be yourself. Your true self. And #2. Laws are made for us. For people. So if you see a law that’s keeping you from fully loving. Maybe it’s better to toss it out with the trash. Cheers.

Love and peace, brad 

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