Happy weekend!

Good day and Happy Weekend! 

Today I have only two quick points and I’ll leave you to your weekend,

#1. Nike says “Just Do It.” I’m not so sure. Sure, there are moments where this can seem to be the best option. (And may be.) However often this mentality may be damaging. It tends to blind us to the incoming call of the unknown other, for example. And we miss that something more. We’re too busy. We don’t like surprises, and we end up surprised that we’re alone.

#2. “People talk, it dont mean nothing.” -Fulton Reed (The Mighty Ducks) This kid’s a genius. We keep saying a bunch of stuff.  Claiming our beliefs  (or lack thereof), but how often do we act contrarily to our claims? You claim to love kids, but buys cheap shirts made  in nasty child factories.  You love animals,  mostly dead though. And i hate pollution but keep cruising around in my car. Talk is often cheap. Do something.

And as always,  love and peace

Cheers to the weekend 


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