Tuesday twiddles

Hello. And welcome back. To today’s issue.

So. Number 1. Embrace an outcast.  Those of us who have felt some degree of isolation or discomfort are, in my opinion, generally more available to listen. To learn.  To understand.  Because we get it. A little. So hug an alien.

Secondly. “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” Remember that.  Your little limps lead to large leaps. 

And then there’s this question.  Are you engaging in the energies of creating outcasts? Are you snickering at “those” suckers?  Please don’t.  (Remember, tomorrow it may be you.)

And lastly! Remember to do everything with all you’ve got. Do it for it. Enjoy the journey. Breathe it in.

Yeah! OK bye

Always love and peace, -brad

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