Weekend-end trauma 

Hello friends

So I’m thinking this will be a short little post.  Yo.

This is regarding good times and the sort of hangover that follows. Based on my felt experience. So here’s the juice. 

I had an amazing weekend! And… now I feel like quitting this roadtrip. Haha. Seriously I just caught myself imagining if I could just jump in my car and drive ALL the way home. Be done. 

But hold up, I think I may be jumping the gun a little.

So my weekend. Good times. Got to hang out at a ski resort with a friend.  Great vibes everywhere. Chilling. A great outdoor concert. Jesse Loper puts on an amazing show! And beyond. Following that I had the pleasure of seeing the Gungor band. And again,  wow! Amazing show. Michael and Lisa Gungor have sick performance skills. Oh and I got to meet some awesome new people! 🙂 

So there it is. Take me home. (Just kidding I don’t have a home.) And that’s OK.  If you know the feeling, give me a shout. 

And always remember you’re not alone.

Cheers, love and peace -brad

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