The moment

Hello. Welcome to this moment.

Not that I control the rights to this moment.

And besides, that moment is loooong gone.
Nonetheless. Welcome.

We’re talking about the moment.
This is all you get. 

This moment.

Right now.

And now.

And now.
Thats all you get.

The moment.

Now that thats clear. 

(Polite laughter)

We can move on.
Unless this moment matters,

Nothing matters.

The past is nonexistant.

Our history being but a mere hologram, quickly dissipating. 
The future is not a thing.

Its a set of possiblities from this moment.
So whats up?

You can live like this moment matters.

And everything matters.

Because everything is derived from now.
Or you can live like nothing matters.

And consequently everything is veiled under thick splats of nihilism.

This is great news.

Because under this persuasion,

The moment matters.

Each. Moment. Matters.

And as a result what doesn’t matter,

In this moment,

Is what happens next.

Because in this moment, 

What you do now, matters.
Think of it this way.

Say your existence will cease to exist in the next moment,

That’s nothing to fear,

As long as you make the most of this moment.
And on the opposite side,

Imagine that you are going to exist for the next million million million years.

Not a big deal,

As long as you live as if this moment matters.
Where your career goes, or your relationships, also loose a bit of their sting. How you treat them in this moment, well you get the picture.
Love says “I am with you always.”

And its always this moment.
So breath.

And sense that this moment matters.

Each interaction is powerful.

Each smile is huge.

Everything matters. 
Love and peace


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