on hypocrisy 

PREWARNIG (im a little nervous about posting this, so um, dont take this too seriously. 🙂 ok cheers)

​I’m a bit of a hypocrite

That’s what I’d say if I was honest

(Here’s one way: hold on to your seats.)

I claim to be a follower of Jesus

And that Jesus is found in the incoming of the other

The refugee calling for relief from oppression

The homeless individual begging to be heard

But… I’m full of crap

When the oppressed come to me

Majority of the time, I push them aside

Then try to forget them

I deny Christ

Then put myself into hell

The hell of my selfhate

Then shun all, to save their souls, of course

But, I’d rather stay here

It’s easier then listening to another’s pain

It’s easier then opening up to the possible realization of my deep pain
And you know what’s the worst of all?

I’m saying all this, to show you what an amazingly humble person I am

I’m saying all this because I care about the hurting

I just want their pain hidden, out of my sight

(Please note: not all terms refer to literal notions)
Love and peace, and disruption


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