The Stories by Bob I (A fictitious retelling of the tale)

Bob 1:1 There once was a human in a land far far away. He came to the people to tell them that everything was going to be okay. To tell them all that it was, better then we thought, everything will be okay. This human was said to be conditioned by the gods in some special way. A sort of anti-king was another swing, another thing that they would say. A king who dominates in liberty. A paradox I know, but what if it could be so? And three, He was also said to be, alikened to an emperor. But similarily so as to the notion of the “anti-king,” he claimed the dominant ought not dominate by violent means, but rather from their knees. In humble service and love to the other’s pleas. And he in humility he came to us and said, “Wash me please.”

1:2 Rumour has it that instantly following the washing of the man, the skies ripped open, as the god-as-super-being surrendered his essence and slowly it fluttered down in the form of a dove. The transition of God. Superbeing to Being. The giving up of superiority. God giving up his throne. The surrender of God. God with us. 

1:3 Immediately following the transition, the man is guided from within, into the wilderness. Pain is the quickest way to surrender, they say. 

1:4 After this episode the man arose and walked into town. The game is on! “Do NOT worry. Its better then you think! Love wins!” He would shout from the rooftops, in the religous buildings, in the hills. The dominion of love is just around the corner! Its here!”

1:5 “But remember, for love to win you have to fully let go of control. You have to fully face the hate within. For love to take over. It has to start with you! Then let it grow, let it grow. And, only then, Love wins!”

1:6 One day as the man and his posse got back home the man right away walked into his old church. Found the pulpit and just started preaching! Everyone was blown away! “Isnt he the dropout?” They pondered. 

1:7 Suddenly he was interrupted, “I know what you’re up to!” It was the town drunk. “Theres something special about you. Something. Different. You must be…”

1:8 “Hush up now!” the Man quickly interrupted. (We later realized he wasnt too interested in being placed on pedestals.)

1:9 Immediately following this interaction the guy just freaks! Went right into a seizure and started puking everywhere. The Man walked to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. Placed it beside the man, the seizure had already stopped, and walked out.

1:10 After the seizure incident The Man and his posse walked over to have dinner at the house of one of the moms. When they got there they found out that she was sick. The man just touched her, and she felt better! Was this a physical miracle? Or relational? Or was it ‘merely’ emotional? After this, he again helped a lot more people.

1:11 Including a couple more drunks and loudmouths. But whenever they began to mention how special he was, he would quickly tell them to “hush up.”

1:12 Then he walked off again. Into the woods.

1:13 And people freaked. 

1:14 Instead of hanging around, the man left town. “Time to go,” he said “Time to continue the mission. The mission being the transmittance of my message to a lot of people. The message being that things are better then you think! That love wins, if you do your part.” 

1:15 As they were still leaving a young man approached from the shadows. “Do you have some healing left for me?” Without a second thought The Man wrapped his arms around the young man and held him for a long time. Finally he let go whispering, “You are accepted. Accepted by something beyond yourself. Accept this.” The young man with aids wept. “Go see your priest.” The Man smiled. “But dont tell anyone else.” The Man frowned, then continued walking. 

1:16 The young man told everyone that he’d been healed. Now crowds kept overcrowding The Man.

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