Rose Coloured Glasses, Grace and the Apocalyptic

A strange man walks into the bar. Orders a drink. After waiting a tremendous amount of time, it arrives. Upon inspection though, the man takes note of some sort of sludge ambling about amidst the alcohol. Quick as a flash, before his stomach has a chance to respond, he reaches into his pocket and flicks out a pair of glasses. Then proceeds to place them on the bridge of his nose. Slowly a smile crosses his face. The sludge is gone.

This is what a lot us have been taught to do. When things are not going well, put on your rose coloured glasses. And consequently our defense mechanisms run amuck.

One of the ways that we hide from our anxieties is by denial. “If I don’t acknowledge that person who is making me feel like a really tiny piece of ant shit, maybe he’ll go away. Maybe he’s not there.”
Another example of when we wear the rose tinted glasses is by diluting now and emphasizing later. Working in this coal mine is really terrible. Coughing up black substances all night may not be great, but one day I’ll have lots of money. Or at least my kids will. Sometimes we forget about the wonder of this moment because “what really matters” is what will happen in the sweet bye and bye. Sometimes we forget to love each other, because we’re too busy trying to impress our Gods.
In my opinion all these can be means of cutting yourself off of the beauty that this life contains. Feel it. (I should warn you, however, that in order to deeply experience the highs you may have to get in touch with the lows as well.)

Now having discussed our need to constantly see the glass as half full and the potential fallout from that, I need to talk about grace.

It’s easy to become quite judgemental when we begin to take note more and more of our intricacies. This, however, is not helpful. We need to learn to not take ourselves too seriously. To laugh. To embrace the beauty of silence. To push back against those things which distract us so easily. Breath.

Because, you see, though the increasing awareness of our, potentially odd and embarressing, characteristics may reduce the level of embarressment. It may also turn on your obssessivness and make things worse.

And also, I fear, we don’t change that much once our basic self identity is constructed.

To close off I’ll leave you with two thoughts.
#1. Apocalypse. That event after which everything has changed. There are moments in our lives where everything changes. A sort of traumatic explosion of excess and we have to start again. Reconfigure. These moments have the capacity to either make or break you. Breath.
#2. Grace. Undeserved acceptance. The second closer that I believe has the capacity to change your life is grace. This sense that you are accepted. (Or giving somebody else the realization that they are accepted.) This realization or gifting of unconditional acceptance. Breath.

Grace and Chaos friends. Take care.

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