Lights, Monsters and Madness Part 1

Snuggle in close my friends, because, you don’t want to miss this. My friend Rob once told me this tale. Rob, as you know, is a wild son of a gun. In fact it is said that Rob wandered his way clear across the moon tgat one time. But anyway, that’s for another day. Today, we begin another tale. If my recollection collects itself appropriately. It all begin with a voyage at sea…
“Ahoy mates! Mast the sails!” (That’s how sailers talk, so says my friend Rob.) Immediately everything erupts into absolute chaos everyone running hither and yonder. Tither and toes. (Now truth be told i dont know one type of knot from another so ill spare you that whole lot, point being though, after but a moment the sails are up and we’re sailing valiantly across the sea. My friend nudges my elbow, “Here, have a sip.”
With obvious uncertainty I do my best to peer in decipher what exactly I’m supposed to be drinking right now. Some sort of black sludge, best as i can tell. Well, here goes nothing. I take the flask with a nob and throw back. Everything lurches, and I close my eyes tight. Then everything goes black…
When I open my eyes but a moment later, everything’s changed. A half moon of blue men surround by body as it is still sprawled out on the deck. Slowly I pick myself together as the blue men watch with mild interest. After a couple breathes, a spew of giggles escape my mouth and words attempt to make their way out quicker then I can manage to properly construct. “WEL! STRON! WHAT!” I swallow. “That’s a solidly strong drink!” I finally manage to fumble between giggles and half construed words.
“You think this is a hallucination?”
Agast I swallow hard. Then slowly turn my head staring intendly at every sober eyed person in front of me. “Rob?”
“He had to go,” said the blue man to my immediate right, “But, he left you this.” He handed me the same flank I had just swallowed this hallucigenuc or whatever from.
“Thanks,” I muttered as I tried to wrestle it from his giant hands.
“Hold on a minute friend, I’ve been advised to hold onto this for a minute. Just till we land.”
That night we all huddled together, staring out at the glistening sea. And my new friend, the man with the giant hands motioned to me and said, “It’s all a lie you know.” He inhaled long and hard from his pipe, stared into the darkness, then repeated himself, “It’s all a lie.” Then again stared back into the abyss. After several breathes he continued, “This whole idea that everything is safe. That it’s better, safe. That we’re all the same. That we should look the same. It’s all a lie.” With that he got up. Stretched about his giant arms and wandered over to the bunks. And there I was left alone. Breathing hard. My mind twirling. Spinning round and round and round. “What have I gotten myself i to?”

–‘ —

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