Revisions 4

(A simple exploration of Ephesians 2)

You’ve been resurrected. Remember those days when you didn’t care that you were hurting each other? You just did what everyone else was doing. Blindly following the whispers in the air, you were just bumbling about like zombies. Stumbling around chasing down whatever caught your fancy. Searching for whatever might feed that horrible hunger, yet could never be satisfied. Just a wandering herd of zombies.

But then! In the story of Jesus we see Ultimate Love break through the mist and fog. Even when we were fully taken by the herds of zombies, Love showed us a better way to be. Love showed us that we are fully accepted, now. Without us doing anything to deserve it.
Through this affirmation we’ve been lifted up above the fog of “I need to prove that I’m worthy.” We’ve been shown a better way. We’ve been given the keys to enter into the depths of existence, like Jesus. We’ve been given this gift so that we may continue forward, deeper and deeper.

So again, we have been given undeserved acceptance. We learn to experience this gift, as we learn to accept it. Accepting that we’re accepted. This gift is not a result of our performance, it is truly a gift. You don’t get to brag about this. We are a result of the example of Jesus. We’ve all, always been invited to live from this gift. To live out love.

Remember though, you used to be outsiders. You used to see even yourself as an outsider. Cut off from the Almighty. That was before you were introduced to the example of Christ. At the time everything seemed hopeless. But now, thanks to Jesus, we can all realize that we are accepted. Thus our need to scapegoat each other is done away with.

Jesus is the prince of peace. He has torn down the walls between us and them. We are all equal in Christ. He has given his very life to show this.

We used to think that if we could perform this ritual or that, we could prove that we were worthy. With the gift of Christ we see the utter futility of these attempts. He shut that down. We must all accept that we are accepted. The cross has ended those games.

When Jesus came, he announced the good news to everyone. Both those who appeared to be in. And those who appeared to be out. We all are invited to experience the Depth of life. To live from Love. We learn to live this out in our attempts to live life together. The Glue between you and me is what sets us free.

So now you’re no longer a stranger. We’re family. Ultimate Love binds us all. The Unconditional.
In this house of love we learn from our histories and traditions. But the example of Jesus is ultimately what glues it all together. Through Jesus we are developing into people in whom love can truly glow. This glow continues to grow in community that finds unity in the embrace of the mystery of existence.

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