The Bicycle Letters. The Third.

It is, once again, the weekend! I’m sitting on my bike peddling my way into town as fast as I can. I’m excited to have my favorite drink, favorite caffeinated drink. And, oh boy, am I excited to see what adventures this new weekend will bring with it!

Without warning my daydreaming is interrupted abruptly!

!!!CRASH!!!! (The pothole is, evidently, still there.)

I dust myself off. Pickup my bicycle, and continue peddling. This time sensing a quick expansion of a bump on my right knee. Oh well. I reach the coffee shop, hobble in, order my favorite drink, (from my favorite waitress,) reach into my pocket and pull out my, again, renewed letter.

/     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /
The letter reads as follows, “Good afternoon friend,
Are we ready for another adventure? Well then, let’s begin.

Oh, before I begin, let me apologize. This one may get a little uncomfortable. My friends are telling me that you’re not entirely convinced by my letters. That you’re still trying to prove yourself all the time! Don’t you get it? That’s NOT good! That won’t set you up for ‘the life of quality and depth.’ These games will only leave you gutted and hollow. It’s NOT good. NOT GOOD! Let’s continue.
As you don’t seem to be understanding what I’m trying to say, I’ll attempt to come at it from another angle. It’s ALL about love.

‘All you need is love, all you need is love!’

When you keep trying to prove that you have it figured out, that you know the way, you are outright rejecting love! You are refusing to open yourself up to the gift of love and mercy. You can NEVER experience the wonder of that experience! Only your surrender into the arms of love will set you free.
Mercy, as I’m sure you are aware, is the decision to not judge and punish every time you trip up. Every time you do sometime ugly. Without mercy we all die. At our own hands. I’ll say it again, when we are unable to accept mercy we end up punishing ourselves every time we fall short. This doesn’t lead to the abundant life.
Love, on the other hand, is the act of putting another’s best ahead of your own. Love is giving. Giving unconditionally. At it’s best.
I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, I’m afraid, but without these two, love and mercy, we end up destroying ourselves. EVERY SINGLE TIME! This doesn’t get us anywhere. This is NOT good. This is really important to grasp. Anything short of love and mercy is NOT good. It’s just a trick. Designed to keep you down.
Watch out for those people who keep throwing weights on you. Claiming this is good. Watch out for those who promise you great things if you just work harder. These messages are Bullshit! If I come across these people I should teach them where that sort of attitude takes us, with my fists! Haha. Just kidding. But this a big deal.
So now you’re probably thinking I’m just trying to impress you with how tough I am. Are you kidding me? If that’s what I wanted I would certainly NOT be telling you to stop trying to prove yourself. (I’d also not keep going on and on and on about this like some crazy person.) I wouldn’t be inviting you to surrender into the arms of grace, mercy and love. That’s ridiculous.
But anyway, I’m gonna leave it there. All the best my friend.
/     /     /     /     /     /     /
Slowly I fold the letter. Make my way out the door. Climb onto my bike and peddle home. Deep in ponderland.

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