The Bicycle Letters. The Fourth. Deconstruction.

Today I’m heading back. Back to my favorite coffee shop. Gliding along on my bicycle. When I get to the pothole I swing around it like a pro. No scuffs today! Eventually I get to the coffee shop and order my favorite caffeinated drink from my favorite waitress and sit down. With excited anticipation I reach into my pocket. But there is nothing there. In a panic I check my other pockets! Nothing. Devastated I put my head in my hands and take a few deep calming breaths.
“You forgot something,” the waitress smiles as she walks over with a folded sheet of paper.

“Thank you!” I shout with relief. I then order my favorite caffeinated drink and unfold the letter.

“To my dear friend,” the letter begins, “I trust things are going well. I’m beginning this letter with a little review. My message to you is an invitation to embrace the gifts of grace and peace. The realizations that you’re not alone. And that there is still time. I’m hoping that this doesn’t sound like some sort of new age positive mind mumbo jumbo. Or even mere common sense. I feel that this is a radical new way. Something, to borrow from Tillich, of ultimate concern. I’ve been saying that no ‘good news’ that exploits you by demanding that you prove yourself is actually good. Good news always gives. This is directly from one of my hallucinations during which I was completely knocked off my ideology of ‘obvious answers.’ These ideas came about after ‘falling from my high horse.’

Let’s take a quick glance back at my ‘pre-fall’ days.

Prior to my fall from my high horse I was a seriously devoted religious person. Not only was I seriously devoted to what I believed, but I was also extremely opposed to any other ideas. In fact I went so far as to go door to door. Arresting or even murdering, people of other beliefs. I was a total monster. But, the truth is, I truly did believe that with all this effort God would see that I knew what was what. That I had it figured out. I knew that I could prove to God that I was in.

It was, however, precisely in one of these moments that Love broke through to me, and suddenly I fell. All of a sudden I realized how foolish it was for me to strive so fervently to show my zealous fervor. In fact this zealous fervor was exactly what, in the end, showed me my distrust of God. My lack of faith in the ultimate. And I fell hard. I fell from my high horse. I landed in the dirt. And it was then that I realized I was fighting against Grace. That I was opposed to Peace. I was the problem.
So I disappeared for a minute. For a couple years. Just to iron out the details a little. Eventually I met with a few people of Love. Then some more and more. And here we are. I’d suggest that I’m a clear indication of the power of Grace. Proof that transformation only happens through grace and peace. Through that sense of unconditional acceptance and ‘at-homeness’ even when out in the desert. I’m proof that the most ‘I’ll-prove-to-you-that-I’m-right’ person can be saved.

Okay enough for today,

I trust things are going alright,
all the best my friend”
I fold the letter, slip it in my pocket and dash out the door.

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