The Bicycle Letters. The Ninth. The Law, what is it good for?

Off to that shop again. Splash, into that puddle. Get up. Get in. Order. Sit. Slip out the letter.

___ ___ ___

Dear Friend

Enjoying the warmer weather? Well, how about I get right into it?

We’ve been talking about the system of law (I can prove that I am enough) and the system of grace (you are already unconditionally accepted.)

I can already hear you asking. So what’s the point of the law then? Is there any value there? Is what I’m proposing simply a ‘do whatever you feel like’ scheme? In short, no.

‘In long form’ will take a little longer. But let’s see what I can come up with.

“Law! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” Is that what you think? Is that what you think I think?

Not exactly. I think most things (maybe all) are good for something.

‘The feeling that you need to prove that you’re enough’ could be useful in that it makes it really clear that you can never prove that you’re enough. As I’ve already mentioned, perhaps several times, there is always more things to work on. So if you have to prove that you’re enough before you are able to live fully, it’s going to be a torturous life my friend. This system kinda fast forwards that realization. That’s what it’s good for.

Beside all that, ultimate acceptance was a thing long before this system of proving yourself ever came along. If you take a good look back at the story of Abe you’ll see.

Cheers friend.

____ ____ ____

With that I hopped back on my bike and slowly bicycle home.

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