The Bicycle Letters. The Tenth. Surrender.

Weekend. Bicycle. Coffee shop. Coffee. Letter.

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Hello friend.

We’re on the topic of the law. (That way of life that convinces us to prove our worth.) Is the system of law against what really matters? Is it all bad? Should we remove all traces of this structure from our minds?

As I may have mentioned last week, no. This system was instigated for good reason. But this doesn’t mean that it’s meant to be a long term structure. Let me explain.

This system came about as a stepping stone to growing up. It’s ment to be a sort of guardian. (Only until we are grown up enough to embrace the ultimate.) We were all children, at one point, the law is given as a handrail as we develop from our childishness. It gives us a place to stand while we grow. This handhold is only meant as an on-ramp to surrender, though. To faith, as shown to us by the example of Jesus.

When we surrender to love we open ourselves up, into a new way of seeing. No longer do we grade ourselves or others based on our heritage, net worth or genitalia. In this new world structure we are all equal. We are all equally connected to the Ultimate. In the way of Jesus we are one.

(To be clear, I’m not calling for any sort of ‘colourblindness, etc.’ Rather this is an invitation to fully welcome each other in our diverse uniqueness.)

In closing then. In the way of Jesus we are all one family. We are all connected to ancient traditions when we embrace this structure of faith in surrender to that which is. (Which includes your indignation of evil, by the way.) By our surrender we are all invited into the gift.

That’s enough for now friend. All the best.


Peddle, peddle, peddle. All the way home.

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