The Bicycle Letters. Part 11. Freedom

Hello friends. It’s the weekend once again. Today I missed my morning coffee at the coffee shop. So, instead, I’m heading over for an evening drink. Excitedly I peddle over, smelling the fresh spring air bursting in and out of my lungs. When I get to the shop I order, find a seat and pull out a freshly written letter. It goes roughly as follows.


Hello Friend.

I’ll just jump right in.

When we live under childish structures in which we must prove our worth we’re no different then slaves, not really. Now don’t misunderstand me. Though we experience life as slaves, the truth is that even at that point we are more then mere slaves. We’re just not aware of it. So we live like childish slaves. This mode of life is not, of course, a complete waste of time. We are protected by these systems of law until we are able to develop into maturity. Until then we are guarded by absolute yeses and noes.

Eventually though, hopefully, our development comes about and everything changes. In this act of growing up we are finally able to experience the Ultimate as one of us. As within us.

We experience it, at first, as a tiny bit of grass that grows up through the cracks of our concretised black and white structures. Then freedom springs forth, perhaps right in the middle of our attempts at proving our worth. What matters most is that we surrender and embrace non-duality when the opportunity presents itself.

We will then finally be able to experience the unity of everything.

No longer are we childish slaves wandering about in fear.

Rather we are children in wonder of everything around us.


No longer living as slaves, but children ready to experience the full gift. This wonder is our inheritance. Love is the gate into this garden.

That’s all for now friends. Breath deep and experience the wonder of this gift we call life.



Upon finishing the letter I finish my drink, release a sigh of satisfaction, and lean back to ponder…

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