The Bicycle Letters. The 12th. No Backsliding Now.

Today I’m heading out for a Sunday morning breakfast. Riding out in my trusty bike. I decide to take a new path. Gradually the pathway begins to grow steeper. Then suddenly it swoops down. I pick up speed way to fast. Hit that giant boulder and go flying. Eventually, though, I reach the restaurant. Walk inside. Order. Then pull out the magic letter.

___. ___. ___. ____. ___. ____

Before you had embraced the idea that you were unconditionally accepted you willingly ran after all sorts of systems that would ‘fix everything.’ But how can you now, after having embraced Grace, or rather, having been embraced by Grace. How can you now return again to the idea that you need to prove yourself? These systems of ‘the world.’ Why fall back? Does the idea of freedom scare you?

I see you jumping around between different worldviews, diets, religious rituals and events. Rejecting certain actions on certain days or repressing your very selves expecting this will ‘fix you.” Thinking that when you find that perfect moment everything will be transformed! How’s that working for you?

Come back. You’re scaring me. Surrender into the arms of grace.

Remember that time I showed up on your back porch, coughing up blood? Remember how I surrendered to your care? Remember how you listened to me, while I listened to you? How we both grew into health, together? Why are you now rejecting this value of simple surrender?

Don’t you get it?

All the best my friend.

___. ______. _____

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