The Bicycle Letters. The Sixteenth. This or That.

Coffee shop. And read.

…… ….. ……

Hello Friend,

We’re nearing the end of this discourse after-which I will fade into the background not unlike a cloud of smoke. So it’s time to get down to brass and tic tacs.

My whole point in this set of letters has been to show you that’s its all about letting go of the idea that everything is about you. That you need to prove that you’re enough. I’ve been calling out to you to let go, to embrace love, and to surrender.
In order to to help you do this, I’m going to give you several examples of how we can live out love as well as ways that selfishness trends to creep in. Let’s begin.

As you begin to nurture a life of love you may find the following begin to develop in you.

A compassion that reaches out even to those who treat you like shit.

You’ll learn to walk with a lightness. A delightedness.

A sense of calm, even amidst the storms of life.
You won’t give up easily, even when facing the truly traumatic.
You’ll do nice things for others.
You’ll work to improve the lives of those around you.
You’ll find the courage to keep going, even when it all seems clouded in darkness.
You’ll lash out less.
You wont be pushed around by every whim and desire that probes at you.
These are all pieces of Love.
When we follow the example of ‘Christ Crucified’ we’re constantly crucifying selfish sensations and consciously shifting toward a lifestyle of truly caring about those around us.

Si then, next, a look into the darkness. Those haunting ghosts that lurk in the shadows.

It generally comes down to two subtle alternatives. Either it’s us refusing to acknowledge ‘what is’ or us ‘resisting the invitation’ to surrender.

Either we’re distracting ourselves or we’re grasping for control.

A examples to start.
Using cheap sex as a distraction. Wallowing in feelings of self disgust. Using seduction as a means of disguise.

Surrounding yourself with constant noise, never daring to stare into your soul.
Drinking nonstop.
Just noise, noise, noise, drinking, drinking, drinking.
Anything to keep you preoccupied.

Moving on then.
A few examples of ‘Our grasping’ for that sense of control.

You proclaiming your view of reality as ‘God’s truth’.
Creating God in your own image.
Attempting to control the future.

Tracking all the little things you hate about those around you, like a dog on a leash.
Constant conflict and hostility.
Wishing you were somebody else.
Fighting, fighting, fighting.
Thinking your group is the only right group.
Cutting off anyone who doesn’t agree with you.
Believing that if you just had what ‘they’ have, then your life would be complete.
I could go on and on and on.
It’s suppose it’s obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. When we chose to move in the direction of the latter group we are simultaneously moving away from the first.
If you wanna life by love, embrace it wholeheartedly.

Go ahead and embrace the wonder, the beauty and the ambiguity of us living this life together.

Not to attack each other.
Or even so that we can think we have it all together.
But simply, for Love.
That gift given in the act of giving.


I peddle home. …

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