Jerry goes to a Party (with video)

Jerry has decided to accept his friend’s invitation to a celebration.

‘I’ll just find a dark corner to disappear into,’ he muses to himself.

Jerry finds a window sill seat to sit.
But! Before he can even situate himself and sigh in satisfaction. He hears Sarah, sister Sarah, say his name.

Oh come on, Jerry moans to himself
‘Jerry!’ again.
‘Yes?’ Jerry finally responds.
‘Jerry!’ Sarah steps out of the crowd.

‘Jerry! We’re all out of door magic mushrooms Jerry! Oh Jerry. Please help.’

Jerry is perplexed. Why is she asking me? Surely she knows I’m a ‘man of the cloth’. Why would she think?

‘Fine! Okay fine. I’ll be right back.’
Soon Jerry returns from his car, in his hands he has a package of wafers left over from the service this morning.
‘Just, just tell everyone these are the new best thing.’

Then Jerry leaves. As he leaves he mutters, ‘I hate being the killjoy, but I gotta do what I gotta do.’

The next day, while sipping his morning joe at his regular coffee spot Jerry overhears one of Sarah’s friends.

‘Yeah I got to the party late, so the magic mushrooms were already gone. But, luckily, Sarah gave me something else. I’ve never enjoyed a trip like that before. The colours! Dude!’
Jerry spit coffee all over the table.

(Not an endorsement. Be responsible.)

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