Jerry learns about love

Jerry is having a nice nap

-Knock. Knock, knock.-
Someone’s at the door.
At this hour?

‘Hi’, says Jerry at last.
‘Good for a chat, good man?’ The man at the door mutters.
‘You don’t know what you’re talking about, but, yeah, sure.’

‘The only way to be good, is to start again,’ begins Jerry.
‘What? Like I need to fit back into my school uniform and wedge myself into a tiny student cubicle?’
‘Really? Listen please! If we’re doing this. Unless your body is alive. And you’re allowing other embodied beings to change your mind, you can’t even begin to imagine the kingdom of love!
You have to let the wind mentor you. It flits around. Here. Then there. Then the next province down. You can’t tie it down.

But, you can learn to be empowered by the unchangeable. Unchangeable in that it’s always-changing-ness can never stop changing. It’s pretty simple, if you think about it,’ finishes Jerry.

‘What?’ says the expert turned guest
‘What?’ echoes Jerry.
And shows him the door.

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