Jeffrey Goes to a Meeting

Jeffrey is at a church meeting.
All the leaders are here.
Even the leader of the denomination. (I mean, the leader of the non-denomination.)
Finally it began as the elderly head of the board shuffled over to the stage.
When Jeffrey felt someone nudge him.
“You want some wine?”
Jeffrey glanced over. It’s Billy! His friend, who happened to strip, sometimes.
Confused Jeffrey reached over to accept, but then fumbled, and splash.
All over his white pants.
Billy gasped.
Without a second thought, they pulled off their shirt and sponged up the wine as best they can.
Everyone gasped.
‘Ohhh I feel so bad’, Billy mumbled.
‘Let me make it up to you’, they said as they light a joint and hand it over.
The smell wafted through the air.
‘Excuse me Jeffrey,’ came the call from the stage, ‘What on earth is going on?’
Jeffrey blinked back into the room.
Looked over at Billy. Smiled gratefully. Then said to Gerald (the leader), ‘Well sir. Nobody has offered me refreshments, except for my friend here. I’m inclined to accept.’
Then Jeffrey accepted the joint and inhaled deeply. Afterwhich he reached over to give Billy a big hug.
‘Thank you so much.’
He smiled.
And they smiled.
Confused voices mumble all around.

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