The Queer Goan Maod

The Goan Maod looked at the onlookers and said,
“Whoever of you who finds this current empirical system to be lacking, is in the right place, you’re already living in the kingdom of love.”
“Whoever of you who finds the current social norms to be obstructive, don’t worry, change is in the wind.”
“Whoever of you who finds yourself at wits end, hold on, joy is found in the dark.”

“People will hate you, shut you out, insult you, and say you are evil because you follow the way of love. But when they do, you’ll know you’re pushing up against the old guard. Invite joy into that time. You’re ushering in potential futures of love. Us queers have always been attacked for pushing back against oppression.”

“But how traumatizing it will be for you who have entrenched yourselves in these oppressive systems, you’ve spent all you have, on this.”
“How traumatizing it will be for you who have fed on the outcasts, your oppression is a dying breed.”
“How traumatizing it will be for you who’ve always had a laugh at the expense of ‘the weirdos’, we’re rising up.”
“How traumatizing it will be for you who always have somebody patting your back, the oppressors have always had their cheerleaders.

So in conclusion, my dear hoodlums, if you’re listening, wish the best on those on ‘the other team’.
Be kind even to those who wish bad things on you.
Wish the best even on those who scream in your face.
If anybody treats you like a worthless piece of trash, challenge them. Not by doing the same to them, but by forcing them to treat you like an equal, a somebody.
If anybody tries to steal your dignity, expose how gross they’re being, to themselves.

Be super generous, stuff is only stuff.
When someone steals your stuff, let it go, it’s not worth spending all your energy.
Be kind, just as you’d like others to be kind to you.

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