Kill Them with Kindness

Some of y’all are talking about how amazing your current theology is. How beautiful and magnificent and how honouring it is to your God.
But love demands you recognize that it’s going to burn. It won’t stand the task of time.
And you’ll wring your hands and ask, ‘When will this happen? I need a timeline from the pain to the gain.’
But the only answer is, ‘Just keep your eyes open’.
Many will attempt to fool you, saying this is love. Don’t listen to the roar. Conflict and pain will happen, but that’s not what I’m talking about.
You’ll see all kinds of conflict inside you, and outside. Out in the wild and in society. Between one society and another one. Between our societies and the earth. Scary stuff, but that’s not what I’m talking about.
Before the systems change, they will attack you, they’ll aim to hold you down, and restrain you. Simply because you’re being led by love.
Even your chosen & bio fam will attack you and confuse you when you attempt to live by love. All the systems will rage against you.
But remember, this antagonism will be the perfect opportunity to showcase our way of love. They can’t touch what really matters, your inner-at-rest-ness. By continuing to push for that better way you’re setting us all free. And you’ll have a captive audience.
So, don’t worry about what you’ll do or say. It’s all written up inside your head. Just show kindness, kill them with kindness.

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