Kindness is Key

And the great mother said,
Kindness calls up wonder inside me. I walk with delight, when I remember the divine kenosised into flesh. When I hear their whispers coming to me, just another non binary person.
If people knew of my journey, my experience, they would stand in awe at the power of compassion. The invitation of the other, is the gift of life.
Those who live by love, experience the gift of inner acceptance. And those around them are blessed by their lives.
The weakness of love is shown to be stronger, by a mile, then mere muscles and weapons. The self sufficient are shown to be weak. The same goes for those who find their courage by their weapons and seats of power. And love gives strength to those who realize they haven’t arrived. Compassion fills the searching with delight and curiosity, but is erosion to the ideas of the arrived. They leave cold. Compassion stands with the weak, the meek, always and forever.

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