Be kind, anyway

Everywhere people are wandering, waiting.
Invite them to sit down, to rest and listen.

Remind them that those who wander are the most open to the way of compassion.
Remind them that those who are struggling that rest is on its way.
Remind them that the gentle are the ones who should own the earth.
Remind them that the seekers, will be found.
Remind them that the kind will experience that kindness mirrored back.
Remind them that the simple, the mindful, will notice the moments where love’s face peaks out.
Remind them that the ones fighting to hold things together, all around, will be seen as the icons of compassion.
Remind them that those attacked for persisting in love and kindness are the owners of the incoming new way of kindness for all, above all.

As the ancients said; ‘You are doing it right when the gatekeepers whisper behind your back, accuse you and spread lies about you, because you follow the way of kindness! It’s time to get excited! The old order is getting uncomfortable. This is how they’ve always treated seekers. Really realizing this, is a great reward!

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