Under Consideration

Are you tired of running around, fighting the other? Constantly on the treadmill running wildly to prove you’re right and they’re wrong?
Why don’t you ‘con’sider being ‘con’siderate instead? Won’t you ‘con’sider it?
I know, I know, it feels so good to prove to everyone how right you are. It feels like it’ll feel grand to be ‘in’side. But what if that’s the ultimate ‘con’?
How about we make a simple shift and change the ‘con’ within the lure of being an ‘in’sider, take out the ‘in’ in ‘in’sider, replace it with ‘con’, fully facing the potential ‘con’ with courage and embrace the ‘out’sider position of being ‘con’siderate? We just may, no, we must embrace the position of ‘out’sider in order to truly be ‘con’siderate.
I invite you to put aside your desire to ‘baby’sit everyone around you, those others, those unlike you, reject the position of ‘pro’sitter and embrace ‘con’sitter. Listen to them, really hear them. Hear their stories, and share yours.
But always resist the temptation to ‘baby’sit, instead, realize you’re the ‘baby.’ We’re all learning, growing and feeling loss. We’ve all experienced being embarrassed for being the ‘out’sider. So, embrace the gift of being an ‘out’sider, just like everyone else. Be there together. Be consider’ate’, won’t you consider ‘it’?

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