God is a Deity of Servanthood?

     I believe Jesus showed us what God is like. A servant. Though He was God, He became human. And served us.
     And in His humanity, He showed us what Humanity looks like. Both, at its best and at its worst.
     At its best humanity is living for others. Serving.
     And He revealed to us how dark, we as humanity, sometimes go, by our reaction to His love. By our torture of the innocent. When we feel the need to protect our views, our standards, our ways. We can stoop really low. We break each others necks. Whatever it takes to get rid of the other. We love to scapegoat. We long for normality.
     If this is true, we best represent God when we live in service to each other. Like a child. Because when we rest in the embrace of God, our need to prove ourselves dissipates. And when we can stop fighting for that, we can serve. When our “life” comes from our identity, as one loved by the divine, rather than proving ourselves. We are now free. Free to serve. Free to live. Free to love.
     When we are guided by love (living for others), fear (what will others think) has no power any longer.

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