John 13

Sorry its been a while. At my church we’re going through the book of John. Here are some of my thoughts on the chapter for the week

This chapter begins with a moving scene. Jesus is acting as the servant. He is stooping at the feet of his apprentices, to wash there sand drenched feet. This was the job of the
household servant. After walking out in the desert for an extended amount of time your feet are just coated with sand. So if you entered someone’s house the servant would be put to work, cleaning.     
    cleaning. YOUR. feet.

This time, however, Jesus volunteers to do the duty. For this followers.

And here is the kicker. Jesus seems to have been fully aware of the soon coming time when these very disciples would turn tail, and run. Leaving him to face horrid torture. Alone.

And he calls us to do this same.

Can you do it? Can you treat those around you with undue love and kindness? Even if they might leave you hanging. This is unconditional love. THIS IS LIFE. Life through death.

Cheers, love and peace.

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