The Bicycle Letters. The 14th. Connectedness in Messiness.

This week’s letter reads as follows.

____. ____. ____.

How can I explain this?

This is for those of you who constantly feel that you have to prove yourself! To prove that you’re enough. Prove that you do enough. May you learn to see that this whole game is futile, like a snowball attempting to escape from hell.

It’s rather clear really, I think you’d agree, that when you play you pay. You never get ‘there.’ You’re always one step away. It’s just around the corner, right? On top of that, I’m afraid that even if you were able to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i,’ you’d still find something wrong.

That’s where the power of grace comes in. The gift of Jesus. The invitation to accept that you are accepted.

‘Proving my Place’ and ‘Grace’ are in constant conflict. You can’t bow to both in balance! It’s one or the other.

I anticipate those moments in which we are able to surrender. When we listen to the invitation from within to open up to community and to the mystery of existence. I’m excited for the moments when we open to connectedness amidst our messiness. Even without the answer. I anticipate this.

When we reach that place, our specific rituals and claims kinda fade into the background, and all that matters is how we live in each now. How we treat each other. Do we care? Even for the other?

Ps. By the way, I thought you had already figured this out. What happened? Never mind. I understand. ‘Everything has to be just so!’ thinking gets in so easily. And when this little devil sneaks in, he begins to quickly take over and push out real love…

Sorry I lost track for a moment there. Please remember this, it’s all about love. Making moves to affirm each other. Much love.

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