The Bicycle Letters. The 15th. Accept that You’re Accepted

I’ve made it back to the coffee shop after weeks of staying away. As I hop off my bike I reach into my pocket. Pull out my new letter and push open the door as I walk inside. Inside I order my favorite caffeinated drink, find a seat and slip open the letter. It reads.

“Dear Friend, Hello.

I don’t have time for proper hellos and good days today, so let’s get right into it.

Since you deeply care about what matters, I’m sure you’re going to get this. This message that I’m trying to drill into your mind. Regardless of those people that keep pushing you down. Their hard-heartedness is, well, quite unfortunate, for them, as it will make it harder for them to surrender and experience life in abundance.

… … …

If I were still teaching that you need to prove your right standing, the religious and political authorities wouldn’t be pushing back against my teachings. In fact, if I were still teaching those things, the teaching of ‘Christ crucified’ wouldn’t mean anything at all. It wouldn’t be offensive to anyone!

I wish everyone who is guilt-ing you into performance mode would actually try it first. Go all out. That way they might finally experience the emptiness that ultimately results from all those games. Quite simply, this way is futile for life.

Friends, at the end of the day it’s all about freedom. That’s it! Freedom, of course, is not simply an invitation to doing whatever sparks your fancy. It’s much bigger then that, it’s the ability to live fully by love. Truly caring for one another.

This idea can be found even in our attempts at proving our worth. (Aka: the Law.) Of course, the idea being that we just want to love and be loved. To experience that connected-ness.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the system of law still tends to, more often then not, turn us against each other. When that happens, it might be best to throw it all out, or risk destroying your very soul.

….. ….. …..

In summary then, when you can finally be opened up to the gift of ultimate love, you won’t be dragged around by the desire to live selfishly any longer.

Love saturated living and selfish living are always in competition, one against the other. Which will you choose?

If you keep surrendering into the arms of Love the system of ‘you have to prove yourself’ has no say over your life.

That’s all for today friend

I trust things are going well.


With that I finish my drink and peddle into the sunset.

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