Oh hello.

So here I am. I’m in Brandon. The start of the adventure. 

I mentioned a while back that I had a plan coming up. And here it is. So the plan.

Currently the plan is to drive to the west coast on a fairly low budget. Mostly living out of the car. Slow cooking and sleeping in the car. And enjoying the scenery.  

Well the first night on my car cot is over. Nobody hassled me while I slept. And I didn’t freeze. So that’s a good sign I’d say. 

And did I mention? I’m calling this “my pilgrimage.” Aiming to figure out what’s sort of the next stage of my life. Where and what. Somewhat. Feeling for vibes. 

So I’ll probably do a bit of exploring here in Brandon then head over to Dauphin. Check that out then I’m seeing some cousins tonight.

Thx for signing in

Love and peace

Brad out

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