Blue Monday eh?

Hello. It’s Monday.  Is it blue? 

So first of all (second I guess), I’m slowly realizing that I expect every person who’s ideologue differs, to any degree, from my own will at some point find it important to grab my opinion and rip it to shreds! I know, I know,  that’s pretty dramatic.  And frankly not true.  I mean the sensation is. But my lived experience is that people, in general (if they have the time and energy), would like to understand. Will I live like this is true? Will you open yourself up to the incoming call of the unknown other?

Thirdly (or 2nd), we all dreaming of doing something? Don’t we. Imagine what we could do, if only we could. I’d only we were “allowed” to. Well maybe you are.  Maybe it’s more about your pre-pret then your ability. Maybe love is calling you forward, rather then mere containment.  Don’t just go for good.  Go for GRRReat! (You get it? The tiger guy? Haha ok cool bye)

And always, love and peace


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