Jerry goes to church

Jerry is weary.
Jerry is looking for rest.
One day while Jerry is walking down the street Jerry sees one of those christian verse billboards.
‘Come to me, all you who are weary. And I will give you rest’. -Jesus
Well, I’m weary. Thinks Jerry.
I guess I’ll check into this.

So Jerry goes to church.
In the parking lot Jerry reaches for his n95 mask and slips it on, as you do.

When Jerry gets to the doors they swing open and friendly people excitedly welcome him.
Jerry smiles. Then pauses. Strange, they weren’t wearing masks. But they were kinda outside. He shrugs.
After checking on his hair Jerry makes his way toward the main room.
Then steps in.

Jerry gasps. He simply can’t help himself.
The room is packed full of hundreds of shouting, hugging and mask-less people!

‘I thought this was a place for the weary.’ Jerry sadly says as he spins to shuffle off.
‘This is no place for the vulnerable. It’s become a place for the loud, arrogant and heartless.’

Today Jerry can be found traveling from church to church, handing out masks to those outside. Hoping somebody will listen

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